Working with the Samson Cree Nation has been a rewarding and learning experience. Myself and the communications team created positive collaborations with each other, which has brought us to this juncture. Work with the organization will continue. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I have loaded the pages of my work from Treaty Talks. The writing and some of the photography is mine. The backdrop to all of the talks was this massive reproduction of the actual Treaty 6 agreement from 1876 ( Among the speakers was Grand Chief Wilton Littlechild, whose Truth and Reconciliation Commission work is recognized worldwide, plus elders and historians. Feel free to reach out to me for questions on the talks and my stories. I've uploaded these as individual pages to review, plus I've added the images I most enjoyed from the talks. More about Samson Cree Nation can be found here:
Being able to write these stories came about through a strong working relationship with the communications team at Samson Cree Nation. I wrote from a public relations perspective, as an advocate for the nation for stories in its newsletter that would go out to its members. I found it a rewarding experience to explain my purpose at the talks and how I hoped to help the Nation's cause. 
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